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Rules - FAQs

1. What is the difference between a rule and a SAP?

System Policies and Regulations identify when a member rule is required. TAMU can also choose to maintain a rule or SAP, as determined by the responsible office, to provide guidance in a specific area.

2. How often should a rule or SAP be updated?

Whenever there is a change in legal requirements or operating practices. At a minimum, every five years the content of a rule or SAP should be reviewed by responsible office and updated if changes have occurred since the last revision.

3. Who do I need to contact for interpretation or questions about a rule or SAP?

The contact office listed at the end of the University rule or SAP should be contacted to interpret or answer questions. They have assigned responsibility and expertise over the rule and/or SAP content.

4. If I am a professor, how do I find information related to class schedules, grading, and attendance?

This information is not found in University rules or SAPs. Some student related questions are located in TAMU Student rules. Others are answered in the Faculty Handbook or by the Dean of Faculties Office or the dean of your college.