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Title Action
2020-07-09 41.01.99.M0.01 Use of Scooters, Skateboards, Roller Skates, Rollerblades and Other Wheeled Forms of Transportation  Revised
2020-06-17 24.01.01.M0.01 Worker''s Compensation Insurance  Revised
2020-06-17 32.02.02.M0.03 Employees Not Eligible for Rehire Designation  Revised
2020-06-17 33.99.99.M0.01 Official Personnel File  Revised
2020-06-09 34.99.99.M0.03 Usage of Face Coverings to Counter COVID-19 at Texas A&M University  New
2020-05-28 33.99.15.M0.01 Reduction in Force for Non-Faculty Employees  Revised
2020-05-14 08.99.99.M1 Expressive Activity on Campus  New
2020-05-08 23.02.02.M0.01 Reserve Requirements  Revised
2020-04-27 31.99.99.M0.03 Human Resources Liaison Network  Revised
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.01 Designation as a Hybrid Entity  Revised
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.02 Business Associates Agreement  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.03 HIPAA Training  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.04 HIPAA Compliance and Fundraising and Marketing Activities  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.05 Operational Audits and Risk Analysis  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.06 HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.07 Notice of Privacy Practices  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.08 Minimum Use Necessary  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.09 Authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.10 Patient Access to Protected Health Information  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.11 Request for Protected Health Information  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.12 Patient Request to Amend Protected Health Information  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.13 Privacy Complaints and Investigations Process  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.14 Personal Representative  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.15 Breach or Unauthorized Disclosure of Protected Health Information  New
2020-04-27 16.99.99.M0.16 Data Use Agreement  New
2020-04-15 31.01.01.M7 Employee Compensation Administration  Revised
2020-04-02 32.01.02.M0.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Non-Faculty Employees  New
2020-04-01 24.01.01.M7.02 Restrictions on Candles  Revised
2020-03-23 26.01.01.M0.01 Procedures for Field Trip Fee Approval and Collection  Revised
2020-03-05 31.99.99.M0.02 Workplace Lactation Program  Revised
2020-02-13 34.06.02.M1.01 Procedures for Implementation of Campus Carry  Revised
2020-02-06 34.06.02.M1 Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus  Revised
2020-02-06 15.99.99.M0.02 Conflict of Commitment  Revised
2020-02-05 33.99.01.M0.01 Recruiting and Selection of Non-Faculty Positions  Revised
2020-02-05 33.99.01.M0.02 Credential Verification for Non-Faculty Employees  Revised