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University Rules and SAPs
University rules and standard administrative procedures (SAPs) set forth established requirements to be followed by all faculty, staff, and visitors at TAMU, TAMU at Galveston, and TAMU at Qatar campuses.

Rules/SAPs assist in maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local laws, System policies and regulations, and TAMU standards.

The System Board of Regents and Chancellor establish TAMU System policies and regulations. These policies and regulations provide overarching directives and reporting requirements needed to implement University rules and SAPs, and are followed in conjunction with TAMU governance.

Not all topics are addressed in TAMU rules or SAPs. TAMU may rely solely on a System policy or regulation for guidance.

If you need assistance interpreting any posted rules, SAPs, or TAMUS governance, you should contact the contact office listed at the bottom of the governance. If you need assistance in locating a topic, please contact University Risk and Compliance at 979.845.8116.

Access to the System policies, regulations, rules and SAP websites can be found at:

TAMU System policies and regulations

TAMU rules and SAPs

TAMUG rules and SAPs