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Recent Updates
Title Action
2017-06-19 15.99.99.M0.03 Precursor Chemicals and Specific Laboratory Apparatus  New
2017-06-09 21.01.02.M0.02 Check Endorsement Requirements  Revised
2017-06-09 13.03.99.M0.03 Non-resident Tuition Waiver for Competitve Scholarship Recipients  Revised
2017-06-06 15.01.01.M0.01 Administration of Sponsored Agreements  Revised
2017-05-18 34.05.99.M1 Smoking and Tobacco Use  Revised
2017-05-03 07.01.99.M0.01 Purchasing Guidelines  Revised
2017-04-25 07.03.01.M1 Political Campaign Events and Partisan Political Activities on Texas A&M University Property  Revised
2017-04-24 21.01.02.M0.01 Online Payments  Revised
2017-04-24 25.07.03.M1.01 Vendor Protest Procedures  Revised
2017-04-18 25.99.99.M0.02 Printing and Copying Procedures  Revised
2017-01-17 25.07.01.M1.01 President''''s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration  Revised
2017-01-05 12.99.99.M0.01 Faculty Grievances Procedures not Concerning Questions of Tenure, Dismissal or Constitutional Rights  Revised
2016-12-22 25.06.01.M1 Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program  Revised